• About Xiamen Chinarts
    Xiamen Chinarts is a privately owned family company, established in 1997, with an accumulative total investment of 30 million RMB and operat... >>

  • R & D Centre
    Xiamen Chinarts has a large and dedicated team of artists and sculptors whose imagination and talent transform an idea into reality. All of ... >>

  • Production
    Xiamen Chinarts clearly recognises that the success of our company is largely based on the quality of the products produced. With this in m... >>

  • Staff
    With China’s labour market now more competitive than ever it is absolutely essential that Xiamen Chinarts attracts the very best workers. U... >>

  • About Xiamen
    Xiamen is a modern, sub tropical island city, renowned for its exotic atmosphere, natural beauty and strong international flavour. Xiamen... >>

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